The Art Of Offering A Home For Sale

Selling a home can be overwhelming, however it’s one of the most important financial decisions you could make. First impressions are vital. Even the most beautiful homes can have imperfections. At McVey Design we offer an objective eye. We are a professional and creative home staging service. We create maximum appeal so your property will sell in the quickest time possible and for top dollar.

Staging Statistics

Did you know that eighty percent of the population does not have the ability to see and imagine what a home would look like furnished?

Buyers only know what they see.

Wouldn’t be in the best interest for you and for the Buyer to create a space that they can in vision themselves living in?

Benefits Of Home Staging

Professional Staging will add to your bottom line.

Inspectors and appraisers “buy into” a staged home resulting in more favorable outcomes.

The first 30 days of any listing is the most critical. It is the most time that the most “momentum” will occur and most realtors are more motivated with new inventory. After 30 days of a listing you could be in for a long haul!

According to HomeGains national survey sellers now more than ever need to stage their houses. Homeowners who invested in home staging not only benefited from a quicker sale, also experienced an increased value of their property.

A non-staged home has had an average of 135 day on the market vs. a staged home, which has had an average of 37 days.

Staged home look better on the internet and in print. In return other agents are pleased to show the listing, bringing more potential buyers to the property.

Finding The Right Stager

When you are looking for a home stager I would recommend screening your prospects. Make sure to ask the following questions:

What qualifies you to be in this business?

Ask the applicant where she received his or her training, how long they have been staging and if they are insured and certified.

May I see samples of you work?

Most professional stagers that are serious about their work will have a portfolio and a website where you can see their work.

Do you have references?

References are extremely important to growing a home staging business and any professional stager should be able to provide you with a list referrals.

Staging Statistics